Poly Tub Specifications

Tank Farm and Drum Containment: Poly Tub Specifications

Polystar’s Custom Non-Porous Tub Containment System

What is the Poly Tub™?

The Poly Tub™ is a custom designed non-porous tub system (integral walls and floor) that uses fiberglass composite materials to maximize corrosion resistance and strength.

Each Poly Tub is manufactured from heavy-duty, fiberglass composite materials. Wall and floor thicknesses vary from ¾” to 1-1/4” based on wall height and required level of corrosion protection. Even though the wall/floor construction of the Poly Tub is extraordinarily heavy duty, gussets are usually installed every three to five feet for maximum structural stability and strength.

The Poly Tub is an unparalleled method of providing secondary tank containment for small to medium sized tank farms, drum storage facilities or work areas.

Completely pre-manufactured in our facility, the Poly Tub is custom designed to accommodate space, topographical, or capacity limitations and requirements. Almost any size and floor configuration can be manufactured. The walls may be up to 4’ high for complete design flexibility. The Poly Tub may be sited on any substrate that is clean, level and able to support the Poly Tub and any contained tanks, fluids and equipment with no more than ½” deflection.

The Poly Tub may also be plumbed to other Polystar secondary containment systems for use as a remote sump for overflow capacity. Note that the Poly Tub’s rugged construction allows it to be used in both direct burial as well as above-grade applications.

The Poly Tub tank containment system is a true “drop and set” system. Most systems are shipped as a single-piece tub, with over-the-road shipping requirements as the only limitation (50’ long x 11’ wide Poly Tubs have been shipped as a complete unit). Where size precludes shipping a single-piece system, the Poly Tub is cut into sections for transport. Upon arrival at the customer’s site, trained, Polystar technicians can easily re-assemble the system using the same bonding techniques used in the manufacturing process. Note that, because the Poly Tub is surface mounted, it may be moved to a new site as needs change.

The Poly Tub may be the simplest, yet strongest and most cost effective secondary containment system available today. Limited site preparation, no excavation, fast, clean installation, immediate use, non-porous design, extensive chemical resistance and portability are only some of the many Poly Tub advantages.

Key Poly Tub Advantages Versus Alternatives:


How are Poly Tubs used?

The custom Poly Tubs are designed to be used as secondary containment for liquid and solid products considered to be harmful to the environment if leaked from their primary tank containment device. Applications include chemical storage tanks, product storage tanks, drums, pails, pump basins, pick-up truck storage containers and remediation work location containment, or for secondary containment of contaminated soil, drums, tools or other small objects. Poly Tub bottoms and side walls are designed to provide non-porous containment for most chemical products and hazardous materials.

Technical Information about the Poly Tub™ Tank Containment System


This product specification covers materials, construction and workmanship, physical properties, chemical resistance and methods of testing.


Premium fiberglass material, 24 ounce woven roving and industrial grade isophthalic or vinyl ester resin as manufactured by Ashland Chemical or equivalent are used in construction. A gel coat surface resin of equal chemical resistance, with the additive antimony trioxide for flame retardance and U.V. protection is included. The flame spread rating is Class II. Tested by ASTM E-84.


Fiberglass reinforced construction is formed by combining resin with controlled amounts of fiberglass cloth, mat, chop and woven roving. A corrosion barrier of not less than 30 mils meets standards PS 15-69 to ensure product consistent quality. Custom Poly Tubs are manufactured from either single laminate fiberglass reinforced materials or from dual laminate composite fiberglass materials. Overall wall thickness may achieve 1 1/4”. The dual laminate construction offers exceptional strength and ruggedness as well as providing dual containment for environmental purposes.

Table 1: Properties of Reinforced Fiberglass Single Laminates or Dual Laminates When Thickness Is Split and Used With A Composite Core:

Property at 73.4º F (23º C) 1/8” to 3/16” Thickness 1/4” Thickness 5/16” Thickness 3/8” Thickness
Ultimate minimum tensile strength (PSI)





Flexural minimum strength (PSI)





Flexural minimum modules of elasticity (Tangent in PSI)





Operating Temperature:       

Maximum operating temperature may not exceed 200º F with incursions through 225º F.


Quality Assurance:      

CUSTOM POLY TUBS are manufactured and tested according to standards PS 15-69 and 41-GP-22, Canadian and SP/MTI Quality Assurance Report for FRP Corrosion Resistant Equipment.


Warranty: CUSTOM POLY TUBS are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase.  Repair or replacement is at the discretion of the manufacturer.  Customer or third party damage is excluded from warranty coverage.

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