Poly Dike MPE® Containment Systems

The innovative Poly Dike MPE is a must for long-term or temporary containment.

Poly Dike MPE – Long-term or Temporary Modular Secondary Containment

Safe storage of hazardous chemicals is critical from both cost and environmental perspectives. Your business needs a secondary containment plan in place for the safety of your employees and environment, as well as to remain SPCC and EPA compliant.

Polystar’s innovative secondary containment systems are here to help you ensure your business’ safety. The Poly Dike MPE® dike containment system is a heavy-duty, surface mounted, re-useable secondary containment system for storage tanks that effectively stores and contains hazardous materials.

Transportation and Installation

The Poly Dike MPE’s modular containment design allows all system components to be nested and stacked for simple transportation and storage. The system sets up quickly and easily without the need for special tools or lifting equipment.

In addition, the Poly Dike MPE is not secured to the substrate, so it is perfect for long term or temporary use in parking lots, sand, rocky soil, muddy soil, frozen soil or on concrete areas. Despite the ease of assembly and site flexibility, the rugged Poly Dike MPE can easily absorb the impact of a catastrophic tank failure without loss.

Poly Dike MPE wall strut – the system’s building block

The innovative Poly Dike MPE modular is the key to the system’s ability to be both easily installed and strong enough to withstand major spills. Each interlocking joint is secured with a Locking Connector integrated directly within the wall strut. This joining system ensures high structural strength with minimal installation effort.

Harness assembly unifies and integrates the dike wall containment structure

After all of the wall struts are in position, the entire dike containment system is tied together with a heavy duty, cabling Harness Assembly. On all four sides of the Harness Assembly are pigtails ending in solid steel D rings. These D rings slide into custom designed slots in the wall struts, where they are anchored in place by the Locking Connector.

Stretching the Harness assembly taut creates a unified, super-strong structure. After set up of the Poly Dike MPE is complete, a flexible liner is rolled out and draped over the wall struts. Securing the liner in place with the innovative Liner Locks finishes set up of a non-porous, spill containment system without damaging the liner.

Withstanding catastrophic tank failure: Dike containment

Structural support from the primary containment tank on the Harness Assembly and the Harness Assembly’s locked steel D rings on the opposite wall allow the system to withstand the force of a catastrophic tank failure without movement.

Further, the uniquely angled wall strut design forces any flow back into the dike containment system, not over the wall, to prevent loss as well as protect against environmental contamination.

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