Secondary Containment & Spill Prevention Systems


Spill Containment Systems from Polystar

Polystar designs, manufactures, delivers and installs custom spill containment systems for industries across North America. When it comes to ensuring that your business is SPCC-compliant, you can trust Polystar to provide a custom spill prevention and secondary containment system for your needs.

Our two decades of design and engineering expertise ensure that the right solution is chosen, designed, manufactured and installed for each project. Our spill containment system flexibility and engineering expertise ensure the best total value for customers across many industries.

Please select a spill containment system below to learn more. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Polystar Containment.

Truck Containment

Truck Spill Containment Systems

Polystar can be your complete source for secondary truck containment supplies & accessories. We offer a variety of secondary truck containment & containment pad solutions.

Railcar Spill Containment

Railcar Spill Containment

Polystar offers systems for all of your railcar spill containment needs. Get on-board with SPCC compliance today!

Tank Containment

Tank Containment

From dikes and tubs to the Envirohut™, Polystar manufactures reliable and easy-to-set-up tank containment systems for spill containment in many environments.

Mobile Refueler Containment

Mobile Refueler Containment

Polystar’s solutions line offers a variety of options for mobile refuelers. Fuel pad containment in our Containment Pad™ series can help your company become and stay SPCC compliant.

custom spill containment

Mobile Washing Containment

Polystar’s CAMEL Tri-Star solution line can be used for mobile washing as well as a variety of other useful applications.

Breakout Tank Containment

Breakout Tank Containment

If your company operates pipelines or tanker trucks that store or transport natural gas, liquefied petroleum, liquefied gases, and/or products made from refined crude oil, SPCC requires you provide for breakout tank confinement.

Hydraulic Fracturing Containment

Hydraulic Fracking Containment

Polystar Containment offers effective and affordable hydraulic fracturing containment solutions & systems.


Polystar proudly manufactures custom secondary spill containment products for containing hazardous materials such as biofuel, chemicals, ethanol, oil, gas, diesel fuel and petroleum, fertilizers and pesticides. Our quality products include fiberglass containment berms, truck containment fuel bladders, dike walls, pallets, curb-style and track collector pan systems for railcars. We help achieve SPCC compliance for gas and oil refineries, class one rail and railcar companies, general industry, well services, hydraulic fracking and drilling companies, military and government entities. We also have 17 years of experience providing quality above-ground storage tank secondary containment systems and spill prevention for tanks, fuel pads, liquid terminals, substations, pipeline delivery and mobile refuelers.