Secondary Containment & Spill Prevention Systems


Poly Dike MPE®

Above ground, modular,
storage tank, multi-purpose,
dike wall containment

Poly Dike™

Above ground, storage tank,
dike wall containment

Star Track®

Rail car spill containment pan system

Containment Pad™

Surface mounted, tanker truck drive-in spill containment

Drillers Containment Pad™

Surface mounted, tanker truck
drive-in spill containments

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We are engineers, manufacturers, and constructors of secondary containment systems.

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Welcome to Polystar Containment! We manufacture and install spill prevention and secondary containment systems. Polystar offers unique spill containment solutions for many different industries, including military, oil and gas drilling, fracking, rail car, petroleum, and more. We specialize in secondary containment systems for rail tankers, truck tankers and above ground tanks that store hazardous materials. Polystar manufactures products that satisfy your SPCC requirements as well as the containment of other hazardous materials.


  • Polystar manufactures, distributes and installs a variety of industry-leading above-ground storage tank spill containment systems, from biofuel secondary containment to railcar solutions
  • Has 20 years of experience with installations nationwide
  • Is an approved vendor to: DLA / DOD (Department of Defense), Class 1 railroads, liquid terminal operators, pipeline operators, general industry and more

As Secondary Spill Containment Specialists, we would like to help you service your needs. A "National Account Relationship" with us will ensure that you have a qualified and approved expert to help you satisfy your secondary containment requirements.

Contact Polystar Containment today to learn more about our secondary and spill containment systems.


secondary containment


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Polystar proudly manufactures custom secondary spill containment products for containing hazardous materials such as biofuel, chemicals, ethanol, oil, gas, diesel fuel and petroleum, fertilizers and pesticides. Our quality products include fiberglass containment berms, truck containment fuel bladders, dike walls, pallets, curb-style and track collector pan systems for railcars. We help achieve SPCC compliance for gas and oil refineries, class one rail and railcar companies, general industry, well services, hydraulic fracking and drilling companies, military and government entities. We also have 17 years of experience providing quality above-ground storage tank secondary containment systems and spill prevention for tanks, fuel pads, liquid terminals, substations, pipeline delivery and mobile refuelers.