Construction Containment: Barricades, Barriers and Tank Containment

Polystar makes lightweight, easy-to-install modular construction and secondary tank containment solutions for short-term building projects and long-term storage.

Construction Site Containment Systems

Consider Polystar’s containment dikes for a light-weight, easy-to-install modular wall construction site containment system for short-term projects and secondary containment. The Poly Dike MPE’s portable polyethylene design makes it the perfect choice for small- to large-scale building projects.

Construction Spill and Secondary Tank Containment

When a catastrophic tank failure occurs, a powerful wave hits one side of the construction spill containment. Structural support from the Harness Assembly and its locked steel D rings allow the system to withstand the wave’s force without moving. The angled wall strut design forces flow back into the system, not over the walls, and prevents fluid loss.

For construction and building projects, the Poly Dike MPE forms a strong, visible safety barrier to keep pedestrians and cars away from the work zone. Keep construction zones safe using Poly Dike MPE for construction barriers and barricades.

The Poly Dike MPE’s lightweight dikes easily assemble to form construction barricades or single-line blockade barriers.

Versatile Construction and Tank Containment Poly Dike MPE

The Poly Dike MPE is Polystar’s portable construction secondary containment dike system. The Poly Dike MPE’s straight and corner wall struts create movable construction barricades or a sturdy tank spill containment structure. As a secondary or tank containment system, the Poly Dike MPE holds between 1,000 and 515,000 gallons in containing non-porous spill materials.

Add a fabric liner to the Poly Dike MPE for a low-cost secondary construction containment system for moderate-sized tanks and tank farms. Or utilize the Poly Dike MPE’s modular pieces to form portable constructions barricades and plastic safety barriers for small- to large-scale building projects. The Poly Dike MPE doesn’t anchor to the substrate, making it ideal for temporary or long-term use in parking lots or on concrete.

Benefits of the Poly Dike MPE for Construction Spill Containment

In outdoor building and construction scenarios of all types, the Poly Dike MPE is light enough to be handled and assembled by a crew of two or more, yet effective for keeping large crowds at a safe distance away from work zones. Maximize efficiency and conserve space when storing the stackability of the Poly Dike MPE by stacking wall struts.

As a construction secondary containment system, the Poly Dike MPE offers the following benefits:

  • Ensures maximum efficiency for companies conserving space.
  • Rugged, yet low-cost secondary containment system for storage tanks
  • No excavation or no anchoring to substrate required – ideal for paved areas
  • No loose parts
  • Lightweight, modular design installed by as few as two people
  • Ideal for construction zones as moveable barricades and safety barriers
  • Portable, stackable plastic units stack when not in use
  • Flexible use in cold, hot, or moist environments

Poly Dike MPE Construction Secondary Containment System Assembly

The Poly Dike MPE stores compactly, as the walls nest and stack together when not in use. Each wall strut weighs 40 pounds. The lightweight modular pieces allow for easy assembly of an entire construction site containment system by two people or more. Secure wall struts together using an integrated Locking Connector mechanism, preventing lost or misplaced parts. This joining system ensures high structural strength with little installation effort in assembling a secondary containment dike.

Once the wall struts are positioned, the containment system ties together with a heavy-duty, woven nylon web Harness Assembly. The Harness Assembly’s four sides use pigtails with a solid steel D ring ending. The D rings slide into custom designed slots on the wall struts anchor in place with the Locking Connector. Stretching the Harness Assembly taut creates a unified, super-strong construction containment structure. After setting up the Poly Dike MPE, roll out and drape a flexible liner over the wall struts. The Liner Bar locks secures the liner in place and completes the setup of your nonporous construction spill containment system.

Construction Tank Containment Concrete Installation

The Poly Dike MPE doesn’t anchor to the substrate with new tank applications or if tanks lift for liner installation. For existing tanks on a concrete substrate, the Poly Dike MPE provides secondary containment. A liner “skirt” covers the wall struts and locks in place with the Liner Bar. The liner ends approximately two feet past the base of the struts inside the containment area. A gasket seals the end of the liner all around to the concrete. To complete the installation, steel compression plates mechanically fasten to the sandwich of concrete, gasket and liner. In this application, the construction containment floor is the existing concrete substrate.

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