Railroad Spill Containment & Prevention Systems

Are you looking for reliable railroad spill containment systems? Polystar Containment offers solutions for all of your rail containment needs.

Get on board with federal government regulations and SPCC complianceby using durable railroad spill containment and prevention systems. Take control of harmful railcar spills and leaks before you’re legally forced to do so, face an employee injury, or get bad press for environmental pollution.

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Understanding Railcar Transloading Spill Containment

What is railcar transloading spill containment?

Transloading is the process of transferring liquids from railcars to trucks and vice versa.The federal government requires spill prevention containersor “railcar secondary containment” to catch incidental spills that may occur during railroad transfer operations.

Do I need a railroad transloading plan?

Most transloading facilities need a transloading spill containment plan with railroad spill containment to meet federal safety guidelines. You need a transloading plan if there is a likelihood of oil discharge into local navigable waterways and if your facility handles petroleum and/or non-petroleum oils, among other criteria.

railcar fuel oil containment

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STAR TRACK™ Railroad Spill Containment

The STAR TRACK is a modular, composite railroad spill containment system that holds incidental spills that occur during railcar transfer operations.The system consists of three railcar spill containment pans that measure approximately 10 feet wide when assembled. The railroad track pans have low-profile walls which make them easy to move vehicles over.

Our three-part railroad spill containment system is made of:

  • A center track pan that protects areas between the railroad tracks
  • Two outrigger railroad spill containment that protect areas outside of the track

Easily install our portable railroad spill containment systems using standard hand tools. Our railroad track pansystems fit snug against the rail with special ties, fasteners and weldments.

Star Track liquid railroad spill containment solutions are manufactured from strong, corrosion-resistant materials, including:

  • Fiberglass
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel (for drive-over applications)

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Benefits of Star Track Railroad Spill Containment Systems

The advantages of Polystar’s railroad spill containment system are immediate and long-term. Star Track benefits include:

  • Limited site preparation required – get started quickly with Star Track
  • No excavation required
  • Fast, clean installation for immediate use
  • Non-porous design – your area will be fully protected
  • Anti-corrosion materials for a long-lasting product
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • SPCC and EPA regulation compliant

Have questions about our railroad spill containment systems? Contact us todayto get more information about our railcar spill containment and prevention systems.

Additional Resources for our Railroad Spill Containment

Proper railroad spill containment is vital to ensure safety and compliance. Explore additional resources below for expert insights on ensuring safety and compliance in railroad spill containment.

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