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Browse images of our most popular secondary containment and spill prevention solutions including dike walls, storage buildings, drip pans and more.

Polystar Containment: Leaders in Secondary Containment

See How Polystar Designs and Installs Spill Prevention Solutions

Polystar offers durable spill containment solutions for many different industries, including military, oil and gas drilling, fracking, rail car, petroleum, and more. We specialize in secondary containment systems for rail tankers, truck tankers and above ground containment tanks that store hazardous materials.

Whether you require something from our standard line of spill containment systems, or you are in need of custom system built to match exacting specifications, Polystar has the secondary containment solution that’s right for you. Browse images of some of our most popular solutions below or contact us with your specific questions.

Poly Dike MPE Images

This heavy duty, surface mounted secondary containment solution is modular for easy installation, storage and transportation. Effective in both temporary and semi-permanent applications. View Gallery >>

Poly Tub Images

Poly Tub is a pre-built, drop-and-use secondary containment system that is unmatched in terms of ease of installation. Perfect for tank storage, it stands up to aggressive acids and caustics. View Gallery >>

Camel Tri Star Max Images

Camel Tri Star Max is a modular solution for drive-on truck and vehicle containment. Utilizing a hybrid system of component materials, this heavy duty containment system is nearly indestructible. View Gallery >>

Star Track Images

When it comes to preventing and containing incidental railcar spills, there’s no match for Star Track. The spill prevention system can be used as individual drip pans or combined to cover thousands of feet. View Gallery >>

Poly Curb Images

Poly Curb is a low-profile secondary containment system designed to control spills, splashes and leaks. Available in two heights, Poly Curb is also used for perimeter containment and work area segregation. View Gallery >>

Came Tri Star OPS Images

This One Piece System for drive-on spill prevention is ideal for changing job sites, as it’s easily relocated and built to withstand permanent or semi-permanent workloads. Use for truck transfers, cleaning and more. View Gallery >>

Containment Pad Images

Heavy duty drive-on containment solution to protect against the incidental spill of hazardous liquids and fuels. Surface mounted so it will not crack like concrete systems often do. View Gallery >>

HazMat Pad Images

Each steel HazMat Pad is protected by corrosion-resistant fiberglass and a gel coat surface treatment to block U.V. rays. This durable system makes drive-on containment easy and extremely durable. View Gallery >>

Storage Building Images

This non-combustible storage building is ideal for the safe keeping of caustic chemicals, paint, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other EPA-regulated hazardous materials. Unmatched strength. View Gallery >>

Envirohut Images

Manufactured from heavy-duty fiberglass encapsulating a steel core, Envirohut is a relocatable spill containment system featuring two removable internal pedestals to raise equipment or containers off the floor. View Gallery >>

Grease Pad Images

Grease Pad is a heavy duty secondary containment system for cooking oils, grease and animal fats. Designed for long-term use, this solution requires limited site preparation making installation quick and easy. View Gallery >>

Driller’s Containment Pad Images

Engineered for drilling and fracking sites, this secondary spill prevention and containment system combines long lifespan with rugged portability making it ideal for evolving job sites. View Gallery >>

Bladder Dike MPE Images

Safe storage of fuel, brine, waste water and other liquid resources is made easy with this durable, surface mounted, reusable secondary containment system designed for portability and strength. View Gallery >>

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