Transformer Oil Spill Containment

Protect the environment from leaks and spills with high quality secondary transformer containment systems.

Prevent & Contain Oil Spills 

Get a transformer spill containment solution engineered to meet evolving compliance regulations. Polystar manufactures secondary containment systems to protect your onsite personnel and the environment from hazardous transformer leaks and spills.

For over 25 years, Polystar has designed and implemented secondary containment solutions for transformers and batteries. We ensure that every system remains compliant with the spill containment requirements to meet federal, state and local regulations. Polystar delivers customized solutions, each built to match your exacting spill containment requirements.

Transformer Oil Containment Systems

From stationary containment pads to portable secondary spill containment systems, Polystar helps you find the right battery or transformer containment system.

Poly Dike MPE®

The Poly Dike MPE installs quickly and easily with no special tools. Its easy installation makes it an ideal choice for temporary or permanent transformer containment. In addition to its easy assembly and onsite flexibility, the Poly Dike MPE system’s heavy-duty design provides the safe containment of hazardous oils that results in the event of a transformer spill.

Learn more about the Poly Dike MPE spill containment system

Steel Containment Pad

A fiberglass-encapsulated steel pad, the Containment Pad™ offers a crack-free secondary containment surface. This containment pad uses a ¼” thick steel plate coated in a nominal 1/16” fiberglass lamination. Its low-profile construction makes it an ideal permanent solution for the secondary containment of incidental spills and drips under transformers.

Polystar secondary transformer containment solutions use engineering and materials to resist cracks. Additionally, these oil containment systems require no digging and relocate easily if necessary. Our transformer solutions save time and money compared to containment solutions made of concrete.

Learn more about our steel secondary containment pad solution

Secondary and Spill Containment Resources

Want to learn more about secondary containment requirements, plans, and solutions? Polystar offers additional information to help you learn more about oil containment and solutions. Keep reading to learn more about regulation compliance, spill prevention plans and containment systems.

Transformer Containment System Products

Transformer Spill Containment by Industry

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