Star Track® Railcar Fuel & Oil Containment Pans

Prevent spills of oil, fuel, chemicals, plastic pellets, fertilizer, and more with Star Track® track pans from Polystar.

Star Track® Railcar Containment Pans

Incidental spills occur frequently during railcar transfer operations. Our Star Track® containment pan is a modular composite system that prevents leaks and incidental spills from pooling and leeching.

Protect Your Business With Our Track Pans

Star Track® Spill containment pans are used by several industries to keep products from spilling or leaking onto the ground. Each of our containment pans uses high-strength, corrosion-resistant fiberglass and track pans made from galvanized steel and stainless steel. For drive-over applications (H-20 loading), our track pan systems use heavy-duty galvanized steel.

Each fuel and oil spill containment pan consists of three long, low-profile pans. Each pan is four inches high, twenty feet long and approximately ten feet wide. Custom track pans are available upon request. A center pan contains spills between the tracks, while two outrigger pans contain spills on either side of the railcar track.

Star Track® Steel Railcar Spill Containment Track Pans for Railroads

Spill Containment Pans That Are Easy to Assemble

Easily assemble the Star Track® fuel spill containment pan using standard hand tools. The Star Track® system fits tight against the rail and secures the track pan in place using special fasteners and weldments.

Connect your Star Track® spill containment pans or use them independently depending on your transloading application. An optional drainage manifold fits snugly underneath and across to connect all three pans. In each pan, drain ports collect fluids and connect to a drainpipe, a collection drain, or sump pump.

Maintain EPA Compliance With Star Track® Railroad Track Pans

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) directive regarding Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulation sets forth requirements for the prevention, preparedness, and response to oil discharges at specific non-transportation-related facilities, including transloading sites and other rail depots. The goals of this regulation are to prevent oil from reaching navigable waters and adjoining shorelines, and to create requirements for the development and implementation of SPCC equipment.

Star Track® oil containment pans and railway containment systems comply with EPA requirements and Best Management Practices (BMP) for incidental spill containment. Polystar’s modular track pan system is an affordable, expandable countermeasure to prevent incidental spills from becoming deleterious to the surrounding environment.

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The Advantages of Using Our Modular Star Track® Oil Containment Pans

Transloading oil and fuel can be a risky process, especially if proper precautions are not taken. The Star Track® oil containment pan system is specially designed to help you manage and contain any spills that may occur during the transfer of oil or fuel. The benefits of Polystar’s spill containment pans include:

  • Limited Site Preparation
  • No Excavation
  • Fast, Clean Installation
  • Immediate Use
  • Nonporous Design
  • Superior Chemical Resistance

Industries That Use Star Track® Railroad Track Pans

Spill containment pans are typically used in industries that transport, store, or handle large quantities of fuel and oil by rail. Some of the industries that commonly use railroad track pans for spill containment include:


Companies that use plastic pellets for manufacturing — such as injection molding and extruding — can use secondary containment systems such as Star Track containment pans as part of their efforts to achieve zero plastic resin loss.

Oil and Gas

Rail transportation is a common method of moving crude oil and petroleum products from production sites to refineries or distribution centers. Railroad track pans are essential in preventing spills and leaks during the loading and unloading of railcars.


Chemical manufacturing plants often store and transport hazardous materials by rail. Spill containment pans can help if leaks occur during the transportation or storage of these materials.


Railyards and intermodal facilities are used to transfer goods between different modes of transportation, such as trains, trucks, and ships. Railroad track pans are used to prevent spills and leaks during the loading and unloading of railcars.


Some agricultural products, such as fertilizer, grain, and heavy farming machinery, are transported by rail. Track pans can help prevent spills and leaks from contaminating local environments.

Military and Government Agencies

Military and government agencies may use rail transportation for fuel and other hazardous materials. Railroad track pans can help with spills and leaks at government sites that may or may not be accessible to the public.

Additional Resources For Our Spill Containment Pans

Learn more about hazardous liquid and fuel containment for railcars with these additional resources. Polystar is an industry-leading long-term and temporary spill containment equipment provider. We offer additional insight into secondary containment solutions and different approaches to spill containment systems. Learn more about proper liquid spill prevention and storage systems by reading our additional resources.

Order Your Track Pan Spill Containment System From Polystar

Don’t wait until a spill or leak occurs to take action. Protect your business and the environment by ordering a track pan spill containment system from Polystar. Our spill containment pans meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, ensuring that you can trust them to keep your operations safe and compliant. Contact us to discuss your specific spill containment needs and we’ll work with you to design a custom solution. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is protected. Order your Star Track® railroad track pans today.

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