Star Track® Railcar Fuel Spill Containment

Contain fuel spills with Polystar’s Star Track®, a track pan for railcar spill containment.

Track Pan Spill Containment for Railcars & Railroads

Contain incidental spills during railcar transfer operations with Polystar’s modular composite spill containment system, Star Track®. Use this railcar track pan system as individual drip pans or bundled together for comprehensive railroad spill containment. The Star Track system accommodates a variety of railcar applications and several thousand feet.

Railcar Spill Containment Structure

Polystar’s Star Track spill containment systems use high-strength, corrosion-resistant fiberglass and track pans made from galvanized steel and stainless steel. For drive-over applications (H-20 loading), our track pan systems use heavy-duty galvanized steel. Each of our railroad spill containment systems consists of three, low-profile long pans.

  • Each pan is 4 inches high x 20 feet long x approximately 10 feet wide.
  • Custom track pan sizes are available upon request
  • Use a center pan for railcar spill containment between the tracks.
  • Two outrigger pans contain spills on both sides of the railcar track.

Connect your track pans or use them independently, depending on railcar application. An optional drainage manifold fits snugly underneath and across to connect all three pans. In each pan, drain ports collect fluids and connect to a drainpipe (provided by others), a collection drain or sump pump.

Easily assemble the Star Track fuel spill containment system using standard hand tools. The Star Track system fits tight against the rail and secures in place using special track pan fasteners and weldments.

Star Track Railcar Spill Containment System Advantages

Benefits of Polystar’s track pan system for fuel and oil spill containment include:

  • Limited site preparation
  • No excavation
  • Fast, clean installation
  • Immediate use
  • Non-porous design
  • Superior chemical resistance

Additional Railcar Spill Containment Resources

Learn more about hazardous liquid and fuel containment for railcars. Polystar, an industry-leading long-term and temporary spill containment provider, offers additional insight into secondary containment solutions. Keep reading to learn more about proper liquid spill prevention and storage systems.


Questions about our railroad track pans? To learn more about the Polystar’s railcar spill containment system, check out our Star Track® FAQs. For pricing or specific questions regarding your railroad spill containment application and needs, contact us today.

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