Portable Plastic Construction Barriers

Build reliable safety walls around your construction site with high-quality, lightweight and easy-to-install safety barriers.

Portable Plastic Construction Barricades & Safety Barriers: Poly Dike MPE®

If you’re looking for high-quality, lightweight and easy-to-install plastic safety barriers, then the Poly Dike MPE is just what you need. These modular polyethylene construction barriers are perfect for small- to large-scale building projects, and can be used to quickly build reliable safety walls around your construction site.

The Poly Dike MPE stores compactly, as the walls nest and stack together when not in use. The light weight (40 pounds) of each wall strut and the modular design allow assembly of an entire plastic safety barrier system by as few as two people in containment or construction scenarios. In addition, all components needed to secure the wall struts together are integrated to the struts themselves, assuring parts are not misplaced. Each finger lock joint is secured with a Locking Connector ensuring high structural strength with little installation effort.


Construction Barriers for Permanent or Temporary Use

Our Poly Dike MPE construction barriers are light enough to be lifted and installed by as few as two people. These durable, long-lasting safety barricades can be used in concrete areas, construction zones, parking lots, and much more.

Poly Dike MPE barriers don’t need to be anchored to substrate, which means that they’re perfect for temporary or long-term use as encircled construction barricades or single-line barriers. And when not in use, the units are stackable for conserving storage space.

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