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Collect hazardous materials, fuels, oils and other chemicals with a mobile washing containment pad.


Polystar Mobile Wash Pad Containment Systems

Semi-Truck, Boat and Military Washing Station Spill Prevention

Power washing (or pressure washing) vehicles, outdoor equipment and buildings keeps vehicles looking good, but also well maintained. Fleet maintenance managers across industries should follow environmentally-responsible procedures and regulations to maximize overall positive outcomes. Consider how often you need washing water containment to properly handle the water used when washing a large, consistently dirty fleet of vehicles or equipment.

Regardless of industry, industrial vehicles and equipment often collect contaminants while in use in the field. When washed, contaminants from these machines run off into storm drains and bodies of water without the proper use of a wash pad containment system. Once in the water, these contaminants affect water quality and harm plants, animals and people. Discharging detergent-free hot water to simply rinse fleets also causes negative effects.

Mobile Water Containment for Truck, Boat & Military Wash Water

Make sure you have a plan to manage the dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants that you remove from surfaces when washing. Keep your workforce and the environment safe by incorporating best practices into standard operating instructions for both mobile and stationary power washing. This preparation keeps pressure washing jobs on schedule, while preventing costly cleanup or remediation bills.

Meet both safety and environmental protections, add a water reclamation or containment solution to your washing station. Learn more about Polystar’s water containment systems for mobile washing semi-trucks, boats, and military vehicles.

Camel Tri-Star® – Secondary Containment System

The CAMEL Tri-Star is a modular secondary containment system which contains incidental spills of liquids that occur during truck transfer operations. The CAMEL Tri-Star can also be used as a mobile washing containment pad to make your heavy-duty vehicle clean-up quick and easy while mitigating potential risks to the environment.

Advantages of Polystar Water Containment Solutions

We manufacture and install spill prevention and secondary containment systems. Polystar offers unique spill containment systems for many different industries, including military, oil and gas drilling, fracking, rail car, petroleum, and more. We specialize in secondary containment systems for rail tankers, truck tankers and above ground tanks that store hazardous materials. Polystar Containment manufactures products that meet SPCC requirements as well as the containment of other hazardous materials.

Need more information about our water containment and reclamation systems? Contact us today to learn more.

Additional Resources For Our Spill Containment Pad

Water reclamation only scratches the surface of the applications of our containment pads. Regardless of the industry, Polystar Containment offers a wide range of secondary containment and spill prevention solutions. Below are a few resources to help guide you to the right product or solution.

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