Portable Secondary Containment

Easily built, modified and transported spill containment systems for construction sites, fuel storage and more.


Portable Secondary Spill Containment & Fuel Containment Berms

Several of Polystar’s versatile spill containment products are designed for portability. Easily build, modify, and transport our spill containment berms as needed. Portable spill containment systems are ideal for construction sites, fuel storage and more.

Find Portable Containment Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Whether you have a small-scale local project or a complex, remote job that requires travel, you need a secondary containment system you can trust. At Polystar, our spill and fuel containment berms hold large volumes of liquid, prevent spills and provide you with hassle-free options for regulatory compliance.

Polystar’s portable secondary spill containment solutions include:

Poly Dike MPE® – A Modular Spill Berm

The Poly Dike MPE® is both heavy duty and light-weight with the reliability you need to withstand forceful spills. It’s easy to set up and take down. Its portability comes from the modular design, meaning that it can conveniently undergo changes. This secondary containment product is designed for small to large-scale projects.

Because it does not need to be secured to the substrate, it can be relocated with ease. The reusable spill containment berm requires no equipment or heavy lifting, so it is perfect for varying containment needs. Finally, compact storage ensures that the Poly Dike MPE® containment solutions can be transported without complications.

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Bladder Dike MPE® – Surface-Mounted Spill Berm

Like the Poly Dike MPE®, the Bladder Dike MPE® is both surface mounted and re-useable, adding to its portability. The quick assembly and take down is due to the light-weight wall struts that lock together without hefty equipment or heavy lifting.

Fast installation, interlocking modular design, and surface mounted set up make this bladder dike ideal for portable projects.

Despite its light-weight design, this fuel bladder containment still provides over 99% spill containment. Polystar’s fuel containment berm features an angled wall configuration that forces any spillage back into the system and prevents fuel loss.

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Learn more about Polystar’s custom secondary containment solutions, which can be designed with portability in mind.

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