Railroad Secondary Containment Systems

Prevent harmful railroad spills and maintain compliance with a railcar containment system.

Railcar Spills & Railroad Secondary Containment Systems

Hazardous Material Containment and More

Class One Rail Companies and general industry companies that are required to move hazardous materials from one location to another need to have secondary spill containment systems in place. Oftentimes these companies are picking materials up from liquid terminals and transporting them to multiple locations, so they find themselves accountable for spill containment & prevention in many places.

To avoid hazardous spills that could be potentially damaging to the environment, it is important for these companies to implement proper railcar and railroad secondary spill containment systems that proactively address spills and seepage.

Portable Railcar Spill Containment

Here at Polystar Containment, we have railcar containment systems that are easily installed, portable and reliable. These spill containment solutions are helpful to your business, because they:

  • Work well in hot or cold temperatures
  • Can be used for permanent or portable needs
  • Contain three connectable pans that can be used independently or to accommodate multiple applications
  • Offer the option of using filter boxes or manifold drainage connections
    railroad secondary containment

The Federal EPA is committed to preventing hazardous material discharge into navigable waters in the United States and adjoining shorelines. Its Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) regulations outline the need for railcar spill containment systems. The SPCC also provides rules specifying the proper design, sizing and application of these systems. Punishments for not complying are strictly enforced, so it is in the best interest of all Class One Rail Companies and general industry companies to adhere closely to them.

We have the railcar and railroad secondary containment systems for hazardous materials your company needs to comply with government regulations and avoid expensive spills.

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