Storage Building Containment

The ideal choice for storing caustic chemicals, paint, fertilizers, pesticides and other EPA regulated hazardous materials.

Non Combustible Rated Storage Building

Polystar’s non-combustible hazardous storage buildings are ideal for storing caustic chemicals, paint, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and additional EPA regulated hazardous materials and chemicals.

Like any structure, the strength and durability starts with a quality foundation. While out competitors typically use a steel foundation, our sump foundation is manufactured using heavy duty I-beam construction providing superior strength vital to these hazmat storage buildings. With over 20 years’ experience manufacturing secondary containment, our integrated sump is second to none and will ensure all potential spills are captured.

Our quality design doesn’t stop there. Some manufacturers cut cost with a thinner gauge steel, but at Polystar, we professionally hand weld the remaining structure using 12-gauge steel. Additional reinforcement against outdoor elements is accomplished with a high-performance epoxy polyurethane system.

Polystar uses a scientifically advanced product that is chemically bonded prior to application. Our exterior coating outperforms the typical epoxy or two part epoxy polyurethane coatings found on inferior storage buildings. The interior is coated with a chemically resistant finish ensuring long lasting durability. With a high quality list of optional accessories we can customize any of our storage buildings to fit your application.

Innovation, quality workmanship, extreme durability and dependability, define our storage buildings and are the answer to your hazmat storage needs.

Standard Features

  • Leak tight spill containment sump
  • High Performance Epoxy/Polyurethane coated exterior for superior protection
  • Chemically resistant interior coating
  • Static grounding rod
  • Floor loading of 500 psf
  • Permanent anchoring (siesmic restraints)
  • Vents for natural ventilation
  • Three point door latch with “L” handle, pad lockable
  • Self draining pitched roof
  • Forklift accessibility for easy relocation
  • Heavy gauge steel for high strength and durability

Optional Features

  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Sump drain
  • Removable fiberglass or galvanized steel grating
  • Variety of door sizes and configurations
  • Heavy duty ramps
  • 2 Hour Fire Rating

Storage buildings are available from 9 drum capacity to 33 drum capacity. Additionally, custom options are always available.

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