CAMEL Tri-Star® Max Modular Containment

Featuring a long-lasting, indestructible design, the Camel Tri-Star Max is engineered for heavy-duty secondary spill containment.

Modular Secondary Containment: Camel Tri-Star®

The CAMEL Tri-Star MAX is a modular secondary containment system that contains incidental spills of liquids that occur during truck transfer operations. The Tri-Star is a Camel “hybrid” system that’s designed for indestructible strength and a longer life. Tri-Star is a standard for heavy duty applications including military secondary containment, modular secondary containment and more.

Modular Secondary Containment Construction and Capabilities

The CAMEL Tri-Star modular secondary containment system’s walls have a unique tri-linear design. A steel plate is welded at a 45° angle to the floor and wall, making the side walls into triangular tubes. For maximum structural support, steel gussets are welded underneath the steel plate along the entire wall length. This design prevents the side walls from being damaged if a driver accidentally drives over them during either system entry or exit.

The entire modular secondary system is laminated using tough, corrosion-resistant fiberglass and resin materials for maximum protection. Fiberglass offers great physical strength, excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility. The ability of our CAMEL Tri-Star systems to absorb high levels of static and dynamic loading provides positive assurance of spill protection.

CAMEL Tri-Star MAX systems are manufactured in 13′ wide x 7’ long sections. Outside wall height is 9″ in all cases. To achieve the desired system length, sections are slip fit end-to-end. Thus, any system length can be created in increments of 7’.  Therefore, you can create a modular or military secondary containment system that specifically meets your needs.

The overall modular secondary containment system installation consists of:

  • bolting the sections together
  • sealing the sectional jointures
  • siting the steel ramp(s)

Each 13’ x 7’ section weighs approximately 1,300 pounds. Ramps weigh approximately 1,200 pounds each.

Tri-Star ramps are heavy-duty, corrosion resistant and simple to use. These modular and military secondary containment systems are created using the honey-comb concept; Tri-Star ramps may be installed simply by placing them over the end walls after bolting the modular pan components together.

Limited site preparation, no excavation, fast, clean installation, immediate use, non-porous design, superior chemical resistance and portability are only some of the many advantages of the CAMEL Tri-Star modular secondary containment system.

Polystar is proud to offer reliable modular and military secondary containment that helps protect your business from damaging and expensive spills during truck transfer operations. Contact us to learn more.

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