Fuel & Hazardous Chemical Spill Prevention

Find the secondary containment system built to match your rails, trucks, mobile refuelers or above ground storage tanks.

Petrochemical Spill Prevention and Containment Solutions

Fuel spill prevention is an important application of Polystar Containment products. Petroleum is an incredibly important natural resource, and is most commonly associated with transportation needs.

What is Petrochemical Spill Prevention?

There are tremendous volumes of petroleum gathered in liquid terminals for refining and redistribution. Refined petroleum is redistributed via rail tankers and truck tankers. During the transportation process there is a significant risk of petrochemical spillage occurring, and the companies involved are responsible for taking the proper steps to prevent this. Petrochemical spill prevention & secondary containment are thus very important in this industry.

Petroleum & Ethanol Spill Prevention for Transportation Industry

Polystar Containment has petroleum spill prevention solutions, railcar spill containment,
truck spill containment, and above ground storage tank containment walls. Whether you are involved in the storage or transportation of petroleum, ethanol or other liquid fuels, it is vitally important that you take the measures necessary to prevent damaging and costly spills.

How Polystar Containment Solutions Help You Meet SPCC Regulations

Polystar petrochemical spill prevention and fuel containment systems provide insurance against the remediation expense of hazardous material spills and include:

  • Surface- mounting capabilities that prevent the needs for excavation at the point of installation
  • The ability to be relocated for many years of reuse
  • Decades of performance
  • Reliable liquid terminal spill prevention for liquid fuels & hazardous chemicals
  • And much more

Protecting the Environment with Petrochemical Prevention

We are dedicated to protecting the environment and our petrochemical spill prevention systems are the best return on investment of your environmental compliance dollar.

The EPA closely manages petroleum and pipeline liquid terminals through its Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulations.

Consequences of Not Complying with Liquid Terminal Spill Prevention Regulations

There are significant fines and penalties for not complying; therefore it is in your company’s best interest to establish petroleum and liquid terminal secondary containment systems before an incidental spill occurs. SPCC regulations include requirements for spill prevention, preparedness, and response, but its goal is that companies have enough prevention in place to replace the need for response.

Get in compliance with SPCC regulations and avoid costly and damaging spills with petroleum and ethanol spill prevention. Contact Polystar today to see which of our innovative fuel spill containment and prevention systems will work best for you!

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