Secondary Tank Containment

Prevent harmful spills and stay SPCC-compliant with above-ground tank containment systems.

Spill Prevention & Secondary Containment for Tanks

Stay SPCC-compliant when transporting hazardous materials by using a secondary containment solution. Polystar containment systems prevent costly spills when storing or moving harmful liquids or chemicals.

Polystar containment systems use revolutionary designs and high-quality construction materials to stand out above the rest. Polystar offers above-ground tank containment products to meet spill prevention requirements according to federal regulations.

Polystar Secondary Tank Containment Solutions

Poly Dike™

Use Polystar’s Poly Dike wall secondary containment systems instead of concrete secondary containment around storage tanks. POLY DIKE tank containment walls range in height from 12” to 30” in 6” increments. Our tank containment systems often use a custom design for the application, with sections and corners available for reserve. Use the POLY DIKE as a separate wall system or with a fabric liner.

Learn more about the Poly Dike tank containment solution


Envirohut is a non-porous, moveable tank containment system. Envirohuts use fiberglass composite materials to prevent corrosion and increase strength. Polystar manufactures each Envirohut system from a heavy-duty fiberglass lamination completely encapsulating a steel core. The steel core makes this the most rugged and durable spill prevention and containment system available today. Enviroihut containment systems are available with an optional 10’ high mounted canopy.

Learn more about the Envirohut tank containment system

Manufacturing Secondary Tank Containment Systems

These tank containment and spill prevention products are made with our revolutionary composite plastic materials. Our unique resin system with structural fibers reduces corrosion, increases strength and longevity. Additionally, our products experience less thermal transfer and expansion, reducing material fatigue. Stay SPCC-compliant using a secondary tank containment system from Polystar. We engineer and customize spill containment systems for your exact needs.

Our recent move now lets us dedicate more space for welding and fiberglass production. Additionally, our manufacturing and production space doubled. Our capacity for client inventory increased, as a result. With increased efficiency of production, we engineer ideal above ground tank containment systems for various industry needs.

Secondary Tank and Fuel Spill Containment Resources

Want to learn more about secondary tank and fuel spill containment requirements, plans, and solutions? Polystar offers additional information to help you learn more about tank containment and solutions. Keep reading to learn more about regulation compliance, spill prevention plans and containment systems.

Tank Spill Containment System Product Resources

Tank Spill Containment by Industry

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