Secondary Spill Prevention Solutions

Spill containment and prevention solutions because "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"


Product Specifications for Secondary Spill Containment Solutions

For over 20 years, Polystar Containment has been designing, manufacturing and installing spill prevention and secondary containment products and systems for government-mandated SPCC compliance – created for multiple industries as well as government and military operations. We manufacture a complete line of fiberglass and fiberglass-composite systems for hazardous materials containment in order to prevent harm & damage to the environment, human & animal life.

Our spill containment & prevention solutions also help to protect companies from expensive government fines and lawsuits brought about by negligence on the part of industrial, agricultural, governmental and military operations. As the old adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

Below, feel free to examine the product specifications for many of our spill prevention systems to understand in greater detail the scope, materials and uses of specific Polystar products.

Poly Dike MPE®

Poly Dike MPE® systems for portable construction & safety barriers and tank containment are easy to store, move and assemble thanks to their modular design.

Camel Tri-Star OPS®

Easy to assemble and relocate, the Camel Tri-Star offers 100% containment for tanker trucks and more.

Camel Tri-Star MAX®

The Camel Tri-Star MAX is a modular secondary containment system that contains incidental spills of liquids that occur during truck transfer operations. The Tri-Star is a “hybrid” system that’s designed for indestructible strength and a longer life. Tri-Star is a standard for heavy duty applications including military secondary containment, modular secondary containment and more.

Star Track®

Easy to assemble and relocate, Star Track is both permanent and portable, corrosion-resistant and works in hot AND cold climates.

Containment Pad™

Rugged and reusable and capable of being set-up on any surface, the Containment Pad is a heavy-duty, drive-on containment system for containing spills of hazardous liquids during fluid transfer.

HazMat Pad™

The HazMat Pad containment system is a heavy duty, drive on collector system designed to contain incidental spills of hazardous liquids. When you need hazardous materials containment you can count on, look no further than the Polystar HazMat Pad.


Superior chemical resistance and drop-and-use applications make the Envirohut a perfect mobile containment solution for myriad purposes.

Grease Pad

Thick resin-protective coating and heavy plate steel construction make Polystar’s Grease Pad an excellent secondary containment system for cooking oils, animal fats and grease.

Storage Building

Polystar’s non-combustible Storage Buildings are ideal for storing caustic chemicals, paint, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and additional EPA regulated hazardous materials and chemicals.

Bladder Dike MPE®

Safe storage of fuel, waste water and other hazardous liquid resources is a must from both cost and environmental perspectives. The Bladder Dike MPE®  Bladder Containment System is a heavy duty, surface mounted, re-useable secondary containment system that protects your business and the environment from damaging spills.

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