Spill Prevention & Secondary Containment Products

For nearly three decades, Polystar Containment has been designing, manufacturing and installing a growing number of highly effective hazardous spill prevention and secondary containment systems for a variety of applications.

Hazardous Spill Prevention and Secondary Containment

Versatile Products Engineered to Contain Hazardous and Controlled Liquids

Polystar Containment is a leading manufacturer of corrosion-resistant secondary containment systems in the United States with almost three decades of experience. Our hazardous spill containment systems have been industry leaders ever since we began using fiberglass reinforced plastics in our dike walls – a breakthrough at the time.

Today, structural fibers combined with our proprietary resin system exhibit less fatigue, less thermal expansion and less thermal transfer than the alternatives while providing far superior corrosion resistance, structural strength and product longevity. We offer hundreds of enhancements and accessories for our storage buildings to help meet your containment needs. Browse our inventory of hazardous spill prevention and secondary spill containment systems below, or contact us with questions.

Poly Dike MPE®

The Poly Dike MPE® dike containment system is a heavy-duty, surface mounted, re-useable secondary containment system for storage tanks that effectively stores and contains hazardous materials.

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Poly Dike™

Corrosion resistant, lightweight and easy-to-install, the POLY DIKE™ modular dike wall system provides superior protection for above ground storage tanks. Durable alternative to traditional concrete dikes.

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Camel Tri-Star® Max

The CAMEL Tri-Star® MAX is a durable, drive-on modular secondary containment system that effectively contains incidental spills of liquids that occur during truck transfer operations.

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Camel Tri-Star® OPS

The CAMEL Tri-Star® OPS is a One Piece System for portable spill prevention during truck transfer operations. OPS is a more mobile solution to Tri-Star MAX and be easily relocated as job requirements change.

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Star Track® Steel Rail Spill Containment System for Railcars & Railroads

Star Track® is a modular composite system for containing incidental spills during railcar transloading operations. Our railroad secondary spill containment system is easily installed using hand tools. Sturdier alternative to drip pans.

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Containment Pad™

Containment Pad™ is a heavy duty, drive-on collector system designed to contain incidental spills of hazardous liquids and fuels. This surface-mounted solution will not crack like traditional concrete systems.

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Drillers Containment Pad

The Drillers Containment Pad is rugged – featuring a fiberglass composite covering over a 5/16″ metal core sheet – making it an ideal secondary spill containment and spill prevention solution for drilling and fracking sites.

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HazMat Pad™

The HazMat Pad™ containment system is a heavy duty, surface mounted, drive-on collector system specifically engineered to contain incidental spills of hazardous liquids during equipment transfer situations.

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Storage Building

Storage Buildings are non-combustible, corrosion-resistant enclosures for storing caustic chemicals, paint, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and additional EPA regulated hazardous materials and chemicals.

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Grease Pad

Grease Pad, with its heavy plate steel construction and fiberglass resin protective coating, is not only long lasting and durable, but also resistant to corrosion and abuse. Safely store grease, cooking oils and animal fats.

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Envirohut is a non-porous, relocatable spill containment shelter that utilizes fiberglass composite materials to maximize corrosion protection and strength. Quick set-up with no excavation necessary.

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Bladder Dike MPE®

Bladder Dike MPE® enables the safe storage of fuel, brine, waste water and other controlled liquid resources and provides a permanent or semi-permanent solution thanks to its easy-to-build modular design.

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Product Specifications

Find links to product specification sheets for each of our spill prevention and secondary containment solutions available for download as PDFs. Includes tensile strength, impact strength, materials and more.

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