Farm Spill Containment Systems for Pesticide and More

Secondary containment solutions for farms prevent spills of toxic substances, like pesticides, that could damage your land and the environment.

Farm Spill Containment and Secondary Pesticide Containment

Strong, Multipurpose Spill Prevention for Farms

Farms and ranches in the United States are often required to have plans and systems in place to prevent the spread of toxic substances resulting from spills and leaks. Polystar has a deep understanding of the agriculture industry and related containment requirements, and we offer a variety of secondary solutions to make sure pesticides, waste water and other hazardous liquids are safely confined.

If your farm meets certain government-set criteria, it is required to implement secondary containment solutions or face hefty regulatory fines. For more than 25 years, Polystar been designing and installing highly effective utility spill prevention and secondary containment systems for EPA-mandated SPCC compliance.

Finding the System to Match Your Farm Containment Needs

Secondary spill containment systems produced by Polystar that meet government requirements and work well with farm and ranch environments include:

  • The Poly Tub™ – Poly Tubs from Polystar are pre-manufactured drop-and-use secondary containment systems. Since the Poly Tub is an integrated wall/floor system, it is quite easy to install. Upon delivery of the Poly Tub, the customer simply locates it on a solid substrate and places the tank inside. These secondary containment systems are typically used for tank farms, drum storage or work-area spill containment.
  • The Poly Dike™ – Our Poly Dike wall containment systems are composed of truncated triangular structures manufactured of various thicknesses in fiberglass, based on wall height. Poly Dike’s unique design allows both sides of the wall to share equally in load bearing. Poly Dike is flexible – the modular design coupled with wall heights varying from 12″ to 30″ allows flexible use of floor space to meet capacity requirements. Poly Dike wall containment systems are used in place of concrete as secondary containment systems around storage tanks.
  • The Poly Dike MPE™ – Polystar’s innovative Poly Dike MPE design allows all system components to be nested and stacked for great convenience. The system sets up quickly and easily with NO special tools or lifting equipment required. In addition, the Poly Dike MPE is not secured to the substrate, so it is perfect for long term or temporary use in parking lots, sand, rocky soil, muddy soil, frozen soil or on concrete areas. Despite the ease of assembly and site flexibility, the rugged Poly Dike MPE can easily absorb the impact of a catastrophic tank failure without loss. The Poly Dike MPE is a strong solution for farms and ranches due to its mobility, stackability for storage, and easy use without substrate attachment.

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