Poly Tub™ Secondary Containment Systems

The perfect match for all your tank containment needs.

Secondary Containment Systems: The Poly Tub™

A pre-manufactured drop-and-use secondary containment system, the Poly Tub is the perfect match for any number of tank storage needs, including the containment of the most aggressive acids & caustics. Because the POLY TUB is an integrated wall/floor system, it is easy to install. Upon delivery of the POLY TUB, the customer simply sites it on a solid substrate and places the tank(s) inside. These Secondary Containment systems are typically used for small to moderate tank containment requirements.

Small to Moderate Tank Containment: Construction and Capabilities

Poly Tub™ secondary containment systems are manufactured from heavy-duty, fiberglass composite materials. Wall and floor thickness varies from 3/4″ to 1-1/4″ based on wall height. Although the wall and floor construction of the POLY TUB is extraordinarily heavy duty, gussets are often used to maximize structural stability and strength.

Our Secondary Containment systems are unparalleled for small to moderate sized tank containment. Completely pre-manufactured in our factory, the POLY TUB is custom designed to accommodate space, topographical, or capacity limitations and requirements. These secondary containment systems are flexible, allowing us to manufacture a variety of size and floor configurations to meet your needs. In addition, walls may be up to 4′ high for complete design flexibility.

The integral floor sits on an existing concrete pad or other stable substrate. The only requirements are that the substrate must be clean, level and able to support the POLY TUB, and any contained tanks, fluids and equipment.

The POLY TUB is truly a “drop and set” secondary containment system. Most spill containment systems are shipped as a single-piece tub, with over-the-road shipping requirements as the only limitation (50′ long x 11′ wide systems have been shipped as a complete unit).

Where size precludes shipping a single-piece system, the POLY TUB is cut into sections for easy transport. Upon arrival at the customer’s site, trained Polystar technicians re-assemble the secondary containment systems using the same bonding techniques as used in the manufacturing process.

The POLY TUB is one of the simplest, yet strongest and most cost effective secondary containment systems available today.

Limited site preparation, no excavation, fast, clean installation, immediate use, non-porous design, superior chemical resistance and portability are only some of the many advantages of the Poly Tub™ secondary containment system. Polystar is proud to offer reliable secondary containment systems that help protect your business from damaging and expensive spills.

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