Government Approved Containment

Learn why Polystar is an approved secondary containment vendor for the Department of Defense (DOD).

Military & Government Secondary Containment

If you need military secondary containment or government secondary containment systems, we have the resources to keep your company in compliance with any number of federal and state compliance regulations. The EPA has strict guidelines in place to help prevent damage resulting from hazardous material spills, and they are cracking down on companies and organizations that do not comply.

Polystar is an approved vendor for the Department of Defense (DOD), including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Air National Guard and Army National Guard. Each of these bodies has specific containment needs, and we help accommodate these by specializing in secondary containment services for:

  • Fuel tankers, mobile refuelers & other military vehicles
  • A.G.E Equipment
  • Mess hall cooking oil & vegetable oil containment
  • Pipeline delivery
  • Fuel storage and transportation
  • Hazardous wastes
  • And more

We have fuel bladder containment dike systems and spill containment berms for all your fuel storage operations. Military bases and government organizations around the country rely on our spill containment solutions to help regulate leaks and spills that would otherwise be damaging to our planet. In addition, prisons are using our secondary containment services to handle the massive amounts of cooking oil and fuel that they use and store on a regular basis. Prisons also often have transformers on their premises that require their own form of containment.

Get the military secondary containment and government secondary containment you can count on. Contact Polystar today to see which of our innovative spill containment systems will work best for you!

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