Government Approved Containment

Stay compliant with Department of Defense (DOD)-approved portable and secondary containment systems from Polystar Containment.


Military & Government Secondary Containment Systems

Portable Spill Containment Berms

Stay compliant with federal and state regulations by using secondary containment systems specifically designed for military or government agencies. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines prevent damage from hazardous material spills. If companies and organizations do not comply with regulations, harsh penalties result.

The Department of Defense (DOD) oversees the United States Armed Forces, which includes the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. DOD recognizes Polystar as an approved vendor of secondary containment systems for military branches and defense agencies.

In following federal regulations, military branches, defense contractors and government agencies use Polystar secondary container systems, like portable spill and fuel containment berms, HEMTT containment and army fuel truck spill containment systems. Military and government entities use Polystar portable spill and secondary containment systems to prevent environmental damage by transporting and containing the following:

  • Fuel tankers, mobile refuelers & other military vehicles
  • A.G.E equipment
  • Mess hall cooking & vegetable oil
  • Pipeline delivery
  • Fuel storage and transportation
  • Hazardous waste
  • And more

Secondary Containment System: Poly Dike MPE

Consider the Polystar Poly Dike MPE, a fuel bladder containment dike system and portable spill containment berm, to store and contain hazardous materials. Military bases and government organizations around the country rely on the Poly Dike MPE and other Polystar spill containment solutions to regulate leaks and spills that cause damage to the planet.

Prisons also use Polystar secondary containment services to regularly store cooking oil and fuel. Because of the transformers on their premises, federal regulations require prisons to have some form of containment.

Get compliant secondary containment systems for defense and government agencies you can count on. Contact Polystar today to learn which spill containment systems works best for you!

For pricing and more information about portable and secondary containment systems specifically for military and defense government agencies, please visit Containment Corporation at

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