Military Containment and Spill Prevention

Secondary containment systems for military trucks, fuel tankers, above-ground storage and more.


Military Truck Secondary Containment & Spill Prevention Products

For years, Polystar has proudly supplied the United States military and other government entities with a diverse range of secondary containment and spill prevention products that meet SPCC requirements. Our quality products provide soldiers around the world with secondary containment solutions for Truck Spill Containment, fuel tankers, above-ground storage tanks and more.

Polystar Containment’s products are proudly made in the United States and are designed to adhere to the rigorous government compliance standards and oil spill regulations set by the government. You can rest assured that when your military operation uses Polystar equipment, you’ll be in compliance and prepared for any hazardous material spill. Learn about our military secondary containment products below.

CAMEL Tri-Star®: Military Truck Spill Prevention & Containment

The CAMEL Tri-Star is a modular secondary containment system that contains incidental spills of liquids that occur during military truck transfer operations. The Tri-Star is a Camel “hybrid” system that’s designed for indestructible strength and a longer life . . . perfect for demanding military uses. Tri-Star is a standard for heavy duty applications including military secondary containment, modular secondary containment and more.

Military Mobile Refueler Spill Preventon & Fuel Pad Containment

Polystar manufactures reliable products that prevent spills for military mobile refuelers and provide fuel pad secondary containment.

A military mobile refueler is a bulk storage container onboard a vehicle that is designed or used solely to store and transport fuel for transfer into or from an aircraft, motor vehicle, locomotive, vessel, ground service equipment, or other oil storage container. Mobile refuelers can be found in use across a wide variety of military applications.

Military Fuel Bladder Containment: Bladder Dike MPE®

Safe storage of military fuel resources is a must from both cost and environmental perspectives. The Bladder Dike MPE Fuel Bladder Containment System is a heavy duty, surface mounted, re-useable secondary containment system that protects your from damaging fuel spills.

The innovative Bladder Dike MPE design allows all system components to be stacked on two aircraft pallets. This fuel bladder containment system sets up quickly and easily with NO special tools or lifting equipment required. In addition, the Bladder Dike MPE is not secured to the substrate, so it is perfect for long term or temporary use in parking lots, sand, rocky soil, muddy soil, frozen soil or on concrete areas. Don’t be fooled by its easy assembly and site flexibility; the rugged Bladder Dike MPE can easily absorb the impact of a catastrophic bladder failure without loss of fuel. When you need military fuel bladder containment you can count on in any situation, there’s no better product than the Bladder Dike MPE.

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