Government Requirements

Governmental Secondary Containment Requirements

Governmental legislative requirements mandate that any “hazardous” material, storage tank, drum, truck, etc., follow strict guidelines as outlined in Federal Code 40 CFR 112.7 (e)(4)(11) Guidelines for Preparation and Implementation of Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans.

SPCC Compliance

Contact your local, state and or city pollution control departments for precise information about the SPCC compliance.

For further questions and answers, please visit our SPCC Compliance FAQ.

Prevention also includes good housekeeping practices and common sense. Polystar will assist you in efforts to solve these nagging issues through our extensive experience and product knowledge regarding secondary containment systems and other systems.

Spill Containment Compliance Safety and Disclaimer

It is the responsibility of the Buyer/User to review and test its site specific requirements and to evaluate the products to determine the safety and suitability of the products for their own specific purposes.

It is the responsibility of the Buyer/User to ensure that they are in compliance with all Federal and State laws and regulations when using these products.

Seller shall not be liable or responsible to Buyer/User for failure to properly install or use the products or failure due to modifications, abuse, or damage arising from third parties.

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