Farm and Ranch Spill Containment

Prevent harmful spills and maintain EPA compliance with secondary oil spill and chemical containment systems.

Chemical & Oil Secondary Spill Containment for Farms & Ranches

On U.S. farms and ranches, federal regulations require plans and systems to contain spills of toxic substances and prevent damage the environment, including water tables, soil and air used for agricultural purposes. Polystar offers several solutions for oilfield and chemical spill containment to prevent environmental harm and stay compliant.

EPA Requirements for Secondary Spill Containment on Farms

Not sure if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations apply to your farm or ranch?

Federal regulation defines a farm as “a facility on a tract of land devoted to the production of crops or raising of animals, including fish, which produced and sold, or normally would have produced and sold, $1,000 or more of agricultural products during a year.”

Compliance with government regulations is required if your farm:

  • Stores, transfers, uses, or consumes oil or oil products, such as diesel fuel, gasoline, lube oil, hydraulic oil, adjuvant oil, crop oil, vegetable oil, or animal fat
  • Stores more than 1,320 US gallons in above-ground containers or more than 42,000 US gallons in completely buried containers
  • Could reasonably be expected to discharge oil to waters of the US or adjoining shorelines, such as interstate waters, intrastate lakes, rivers, and streams

As defined by the law, keep these tips in mind in evaluating your farm:
* Only count containers of oil with a storage capacity of 55 US gallons and above.
* Consider adjacent or non-adjacent parcels, either leased or owned, as separate facilities. The farmer identifies the existence of separate parcels based on how each operates. If separate parcels exist, do not add containers together in determining whether the 1,320-gallon applicability threshold is met.

If your farm meets all the above criteria, then your farm is covered by government requirements.

Polystar Containment’s secondary spill containment systems meet EPA government regulations and work well on all farm and ranch environments.

Our chemical and oil spill containment solutions include:

The Poly Dike MPE™

Polystar’s innovative Poly Dike MPE design allows all system components to be nested and stacked for great convenience. The system sets up quickly and easily without special tools or lifting equipment. In addition, the Poly Dike MPE is not secured to the substrate, so it is perfect for long-term or temporary use in parking lots, sand, rocky soil, muddy soil, frozen soil or on concrete areas.

Despite the ease of assembly and site flexibility, the rugged Poly Dike MPE absorbs the impact of a catastrophic tank failure without loss. The Poly Dike MPE is a strong solution for farms and ranches due to its mobility, storage stackability, and easy use without substrate attachment.

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