Fuel Bladder Dike MPE® Containment System

Keep harmful liquids in with a liquid containment system from Polystar.


Fuel Bladder Containment Systems For Military Grade Solutions

Fuel Bladder Containment System

Safe storage of fuel, brine, wastewater and other liquid resources is a must from both cost and environmental perspectives. The Bladder Dike MPE® fuel bladder containment system is a heavy duty, surface mounted, reusable system that protects your business and the environment from damage caused by hazardous liquid spills. Read below to learn about the construction, usage and benefits of this Polystar military fuel bladder containment system.

The Benefits of the Fuel Bladder Dike MPE Design

The innovative Bladder Dike MPE design allows all system components to be stacked on two aircraft pallets. This liquid and fuel bladder containment dike sets up quickly and easily without the needs for special tools or lifting equipment. In addition, the Bladder Dike MPE is not secured to the substrate, so it is perfect for long term or temporary use in parking lots, sand, rocky soil, muddy soil, frozen soil or on concrete areas.

Quick and Simple Setup for Maximum Efficiency

Don’t be fooled by its easy assembly and site flexibility; the rugged fuel bladder containment system can easily absorb the impact of a catastrophic spill without the escape of fuel or other hazardous liquids. When you need fuel spill containment you can count on in any situation, there’s no better product than the fuel Bladder Dike MPE.

Fuel Bladder Dike MPE Wall Strut – The System’s Building Block

The primary components of each Fuel Bladder Dike MPE liquid containment system are a number of 4′ long x 36″ tall, straight and corner wall struts. With these modular building blocks you can create a variety of configurations to accommodate different fuel bladder containment liner sizes and capacities. The lightweight and modular design allows for quick assembly without engineering assets. In addition, all components needed to secure the wall struts together are integrated into the struts themselves, assuring parts are not misplaced.

Locking Connector System for Fuel Bladder Containment

With this fuel bladder containment system, each interlocking joint is secured with a Locking Connector that is integrated into the wall strut. This joining system ensures high structural strength with minimal installation effort. The fuel bladder containment dike makes fuel spill containment quick and easy.

Securing the Fuel Bladder Containment with the Harness Assembly

After all of the wall struts are in position, the entire fuel bladder liquid containment system is tied together with a heavy duty, cabling web Harness Assembly. On all four sides of the Harness Assembly are pigtails ending in solid steel D rings. These D rings slide into custom designed slots in the wall struts, where they are anchored in place by the Locking Connector.

Completing Setup of Fuel Bladder Containment System

Stretching the Harness assembly taut creates a unified, super-strong structure. After setup of the Bladder Dike MPE fuel containment system is complete, a flexible fuel containment liner (not part of the system) is rolled out and draped over the wall struts. This liner is locked into place with Liner Locker mechanisms – these protect it from damage. Once your liner is secured, the setup of this non-porous fuel bladder containment system is complete.

Avoid Catastrophic Failure With the Polydike MPE

What happens in the worst-case scenario? If your fuel bladder containment fails, it will create a powerful wave that hits one side of the Polydike MPE secondary containment system. Structural support from both the weight of the still partially filled fuel bladder on the Harness Assembly and the Harness Assembly’s locked steel­ D rings on the opposite wall allow the system to withstand the wave’s force without movement. Further, the uniquely angled fuel bladder containment wall strut design forces any flow back into the system, not over the wall, to prevent the escape of potentially hazardous liquids. You don’t have to worry about catastrophic spills when you use the Bladder Dike MPE hazardous fuel containment system.


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