Poly Dike™ Containment Dike Systems

Easy to install and maintain, the Poly Dike is the preferred alternative to traditional concrete containment walls.

Spill Containment Dike Wall Systems

Effective Alternative to Concrete Containment Dikes

Searching for a better alternative to traditional concrete dikes? Consider the Poly Dike™ modular dike wall system and get a corrosion resistant, lightweight, and easy-to-install secondary containment. The Poly Dike™ provides superior protection for above ground storage tanks. This versatile spill containment system comes in a standard or custom design and varies in height from 12 inches to 30 inches. the POLY Dike is most commonly used as secondary containment for harmful liquid and solid materials, including:

  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Hazardous material work areas
  • Process treatment sites
  • Rainwater runoff diking
  • And more…

Customizable, Flexible Secondary Containment Walls

The Poly Dike wall containment system is composed of truncated triangular fiberglass structures and allows for various thicknesses based on wall height. This unique design lets both sides of the wall equally share in load bearing.

The Poly Dike’s flexible, modular design is coupled with wall heights varying from 12 inches to 30 inches to meet capacity requirements. Note, when determining system size, the base of the Poly Dike wall varies in width from approximately 12 inches to 27 inches depending on wall height.

The Poly Dike wall containment system is commonly bolted and sealed to a concrete pad or bolted together and used with a flexible liner.

Sealed to a concrete pad

Two methods seal Poly Dike secondary containment walls to a concrete pad:

  • Seal the walls along the base flange with concrete fasteners and caulk sealant, or
  • Chemically bond the base flange to the concrete floor

This system is chemically resistant, non-porous, and monolithic. Consider the Poly Dike for areas which include plumbing, equipment, or tank supports and may be bonded over or around these obstructions if required.

Spill Containment Dike Systems

Use a one-piece liner to cover the floor. The large liner goes up and over the Poly Dike wall containment. Then, the liner is secured to the wall tops with fiberglass “liner locks.”

Self-tapping screws secure the clips to the wall tops and hold the liner in place. For aesthetics, the liner may be trimmed along the outside edge behind the “liner lock.”

Benefits of the Poly Dike Containment System

Using the Poly Dike wall secondary containment system offers:

  • Limited site preparation
  • No excavation
  • Fast, clean installation
  • Immediate use
  • Non-porous design
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Portability

Contact Polystar to learn more about the Poly Dike system or talk about our custom solutions capabilities.

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