Grease Spill Pad

With its steel plate construction, the Grease Pad is the ideal choice for oil, grease and animal fat containment.

Grease Secondary Containment Systems

Permanent Secondary Containment For Food Grease, Oil, and Fats.

Many places use temporary spill containment measures for cooking oils and grease because they don’t see it as a permanent fixture. However, the cost adds up over time because temporary systems can’t guarantee total protection for spills. Consider using Polystar’s long-lasting, durable grease spill pad containment system for permanent food grease and oil containment.

The design of this system provides a retaining wall around the center bin platform. Surrounding the platform is a sand moat to capture incidental spills and prevent accidental barrel leaks. Polystar’s Grease Pad™ contains the unsightly mess that exists around grease bins. Each pad includes a no-slip steel platform. These spill pads also come with two drain ports with ball valves to control releases and covered filter boxes.

Advantages of Polystar’s Grease Containment Systems

  • Non-porous design
  • Limited site preparation required
  • No excavation required
  • Clean installation
  • Chemical resistance
  • Portability
  • Permanent solution for a permanent problem

Heavy-Duty, Steel Secondary Containment

The Grease Pad™ system is a heavy duty, permanent secondary containment system for cooking (vegetable) oils, grease and animal fats. It is a non-porous, relocatable, spill containment system that, using fiberglass composite materials, maximizes corrosion protection and strength.

Each Grease Pad System is manufactured from heavy-duty fiberglass lamination completely encapsulating a steel core. The steel core makes the Grease Pad the most rugged and durable spill containment system of its kind available today.

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