Secondary Spill Containment Solutions

Polystar designs, manufactures, delivers and installs custom spill containment systems for industries across North America. When it comes to ensuring that your business is SPCC-compliant with hazardous spill prevention, you can trust Polystar to provide a durable, effective system for your needs.

Secondary Containment for Hazardous Spill Prevention

Systems and Solutions to Prevent the Spread of Hazardous and Controlled Materials

Polystar Containment has been manufacturing corrosion-resistant secondary containment systems in the United States for more than 20 years. The need for custom secondary spill containment and prevention products to have both structural integrity and corrosion resistance led us to use fiberglass reinforced plastics in our product development – an industry breakthrough.

Structural fibers, combined with the correct resin system, offer less fatigue, less thermal expansion, and less thermal transfer as well as providing far greater corrosion resistance, strength, and product longevity than alternatives. Browse our innovative secondary containment solutions below.

Transloader Spill Prevention

Transloading points, where liquids are transferred from railcars to trucks a vice versa, require specific spill prevention solutions to meet mandatory federal guidelines. Polystar will help you exceed those requirements.

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Breakout Tank Containment

Breakout tank secondary containment systems secure natural gas, liquefied gases, liquefied petroleum and other materials commonly transported by pipelines and tanker trucks.

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Truck Spill Containment Systems

Spill prevention and secondary containment for trucks and the trucking industry provide durable, portable solutions washing washing stations, refueling points, loading zones and more.

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Military Truck Secondary Containment

A diverse range of solutions for the United States military and various government agencies made in the USA to safely and securely prevent and contain the spread of hazardous materials.

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Railcar Spill Containment

Polystar offers reliable, versatile hazardous material spill prevention and containment solutions for railcar applications and the railroad industry.

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Tank Containment

Polystar’s secondary tank containment solutions provide superior defense against catastrophic tank failure, spills and leaks. Durable, custom, reliable containment systems you can count on.

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Mobile Refueler Containment

Mobile refuelers, designed to transport and store fuel, require portable spill prevention solutions and containment pads to ensure hazardous materials are kept in check. Our solutions are trusted by the US military.

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Mobile Washing Containment

Polystar’s mobile washing containment solutions can be placed under trucks, cars, tractors and other vehicles during cleaning processes to prevent the spread of harmful cleaning agents.

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Portable Spill Prevention

Modular by design, Polystar has engineered portable containment solutions as durable as they are mobile. Easily stackable, packable and transportable, these berms perform when and where you need them.

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Farm & Ranch Containment Systems

Many farms and ranches in the US must have systems in place to protect the spread of hazardous materials into nearby land and water. Our spill prevention systems are the ideal solutions for these applications.

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Construction Barriers

Modular construction barriers from high-quality plastic components are durable, lightweight and easy-to-install. The systems are easily stackable, packable and transportable for quick and simple set-up and tear-down.

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Odorant Tank Containment

Odorant spills and leaks can prove costly and cumbersome. Our secondary containment solutions for odorant tanks provide a layer of protection, and peace of mind, to help you meet your goals.

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Grey Water Containment

From field equipment discharge to waste water disposal, grey water is a natural byproduct of many processes and must be kept safely stored to prevent any costly, unforeseen expenses. Polystar can help.

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Transformer Containment

Polystar’s secondary containment systems for transformers are engineered to meet the evolving and sometimes challenging nature of regulatory compliance. Rest assured knowing our solutions will not fail.

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Custom Solutions

Polystar is often asked to complete one-of-a-kind systems or unique containment solutions for single or multiple job sites. We take great pride in our ability to deliver an effective, cost-efficient solution each time.

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The Polystar Advantage

Our secondary containment systems provide the best return on investment in the spill prevention industry. We take great pride in delivering unmatched customer service and the most durable solutions to our customers.

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