Portable spill containment for permanent, temporary and semi-permanent containment applications

One Piece Camel Tri-Star Spill Containment Systems

A more mobile alternative to the Tri-Star Max, the Tri-Star One Piece System (OPS) is a 12’ x 40’ x 10” portable spill containment system.  When spill prevention requirements change across job sites, the Tri-Star OPS can be easily relocated as a single unit. The only installation necessary is bolting on the exterior half of the ramp, making it the ideal choice for both permanent and semi-permanent containment applications.

A Superior Spill Containment System

Featuring a steel core and fiber encapsulated fiberglass design, the TRI-Star OPS delivers superior physical strength, while offering the added advantages of corrosion resistance and flexibility. Additionally, Tri-Star OPS is available with our drive over triangular walls or vertical tube walls. This unique ability to absorb high levels of static and dynamic loading while providing assurance of spill protection allows the Tri-Star lineup to stand out ahead of the competition.

Limited site preparation, no excavation, fast, clean installation, immediate use, non-porous design, superior chemical resistance and portability are only some of the many advantages of the CAMEL Tri-Star OPS secondary containment systems.  Just like the Tri-Star Max, our Tri-Star OPS features:

  • 1/4″ Steel Plated System will not crack like concrete
  • Super-Duty Steel Ramps designed with the honeycomb system
  • Ease-of-transport from site to site

Polystar is proud to offer reliable modular and military secondary containment that helps protect your business from damaging and expensive spills during truck transfer operations.

Contact Polystar for more information about any of Tri-Star secondary containment and spill containment systems.

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