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Prevent Fires with Energy Storage Systems & Lithium-ion Battery Storage

Recently, hazardous battery materials have caused high-profile and uncontrollable catastrophic fires. The dangers of hazardous battery materials and the risk of electrocution prompted new industry standards for safer battery storage systems.

Learn more about the standard safety criteria and how to stay compliant while reducing your risk of lithium battery fire or environmental contamination.

Who Uses Energy Storage Systems (ESS) with Battery Fire Protection?

Energy storage systems, typically made of lead-acid or lithium-based batteries, provide backup power at hospitals and health care facilities, factories, and retail locations. Energy storage systems also regulate and clean grid power for data centers. Finally, energy storage systems offload energy when renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power generation, are unavailable.

Stay Compliant with Energy Storage Systems or Commercial Battery Storage

To help prevent battery fires and ensure workplace safety, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) released NFPA 855, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems. It is the first comprehensive collection of criteria for the fire protection of energy storage system (ESS) installations.

These standard criteria provide requirements based on:

  • Technology used in energy storage systems
  • Setting where the technology is being installed
  • Size and separation of energy storage system installations
  • Current fire suppression and control systems

Stay compliant with NFPA 855 standards for energy storage systems and battery storage by using a fire-rated storage building designed to keep property, people and the environment as safe as possible.

Polystar’s Fire-rated Battery Storage Container System

Compliance requires mitigating the risk of fire, death and environmental contamination from concentrated batteries or lithium-ion batteries. Polystar’s durable battery storage systems meet worker protection and environmental regulations.

Our prefabricated storage battery containment systems offer a unique fire-rated design that satisfies the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Like any structure, strength and durability start with a quality foundation. Polystar hazmat storage buildings use a sump foundation constructed with a heavy-duty I-beam. Our integrated sump foundation provides superior strength and reliable spill containment. Like our fire rating, the integrated sump is a vital component that ensures you stay compliant with our hazmat storage buildings.

Easily modify our battery storage containers to address your unique workforce or industry needs.


Learn About Our Fire-Rated Storage Buildings


Commercial Battery Storage Resources

Want to learn more about battery storage and chemical containment? Polystar offers additional information to help you learn more about spill containment and solutions. Keep reading to learn more about regulation compliance, spill prevention plans and containment systems.

Battery Storage Containment Building Resources

Commercial Battery Storage by Industry


Stay compliant by protecting workers and the environment with a battery storage containment solution from Polystar. For specific questions about battery containment or energy energy storage solutions, contact us today.

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