Poly Dike Wall Containment FAQ

Poly Dike Wall Containment FAQ

Q. What heights are available for the dike wall?
A. The Poly Dike wall containment system comes in heights of 12”, 18”, 24”, 30” or 36”. For 3” and 6” solutions, see the Poly Curb.

Q. What type of chemical resistance is available?
A. The dike wall containment system is a fiberglass system that uses isophthalic resin as chemical resistance. For harsh caustics and acids a resin upgrade is available (Derakane).

Q. How is the Dike Wall secured to the substrate?
A. The Dike wall containment system is secured using concrete fasteners and a chemically resistant sealant or caulk.

Q. What lengths of the Poly Dike wall containment system are available?
A. The Poly Dike wall is constructed in up to 20’ lengths with optional 90 degree corners and butt plates. The wall struts can be cut to any length.

Q. Does Polystar offer installation?
A. We do not offer installation on the Dike wall containment system. This system is very user friendly and simple installation instructions are made available. We are always available by phone for installation assistance.

Q. Can you customize pieces for irregular designs?
A. Yes. If you need “T” junctions or non-traditional parts, do not hesitate to ask.

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