Star Track Railcar Spill Containment FAQ

Star Track Railcar Spill Containment FAQ

Q. What sizes are your systems available in?
A. Our Star Track railcar spill containment system is available in 10 foot and 20 foot sections. The system is modular and can be extended out as many feet as necessary in multiples of 10.

Q. Can I get one continuous pan instead of 20 foot individual pans?
A. Yes. When installed, Polystar can create one single pan by removing the end walls and bonding the pans together. This is a popular answer to expanding containment volume.

Q. What do you do about rainwater?
A. A drainage manifold is optional for the Star Track railcar spill containment system. Each pan would be drained into the manifold and through piping to a waste water tank or sump (polytub). For Hydrocarbons, filter boxes are available to drain rainwater through. We are also capable of customizing covered systems as well.

Q. I have heard all fiberglass pans break down over time, is that true?
A. No. There have been some fiberglass pan manufacturers that did not integrate UV protection in their systems and consequently they would crack. Polystar’s system is UV protected and has never had such a problem.

Q. What kind of preparation is necessary for installation?
A. If you intend to include a drainage manifold, Polystar requests that you prepare the sight by digging 14” below grade to make room for the manifold. Otherwise the system can be placed along the tracks as long as the surface is flat and allows for the pan to fit between the rails.

Q. What do you do about tanks that have a greater volume than the Star Track railcar containment systems?
A. Each Star Track railcar spill containment system can be equipped with a drainage manifold and piping to drain excess into a sump (polytub). Many of our installations use this technique to solve their volume problems.

Q. How long does it take to install the Star Track railcar containment system?
A. Two Polystar technicians can install 40 feet of Star Track in one day, including drainage manifolds. All installation can be done with basic hand tools. The railcar spill containment system will be ready for use within 24 hours.

Q. How heavy is the system?
A. Our fiberglass pans weigh approximately 2 pounds per square foot. This makes set up very easy, as two technicians can carry a single pan.

Q. Why choose your system over steel systems?
A. Steel systems are traditionally more expensive, less chemically resistant, more difficult to install, they rust, they conduct electricity, they absorb heat, and are not as easy to relocate as the Star Track railcar spill containment system.

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