Envirohut Specifications

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Envirohut™ Specifications

Summary: Non-porous, re-locatable, spill containment system that, using fiberglass composite materials, maximizes corrosion protection and strength.

Each Envirohut™ System is manufactured from heavy-duty fiberglass laminations completely encapsulating a steel core. The steel core makes the Envirohut the most rugged and durable spill containment system available today. In addition, each Envirohut System includes (4) 1-1/2” (3.8cm) threaded coupling with 2 bronze ball valves for fluid drainage.

The Envirohut System dimensions are 8’ (2.44 meters) wide by 12’ (3.66 meters) long with a 12” (.30 meters) wall height. The system has a capacity of 700 gallons (2,650 liters). The size of the Envirohut makes it an ideal permanent secondary containment vessel that has the flexibility to be relocated by forklift without disassembly.

The standard thickness of the Envirohut System’s steel core is 1/4” (6.0mm). While, standard wall height is 12”, some customized wall heights can be made based on the customer’s needs. The system is available with an optional 10’ high (3.05 meters) canopy mounted to the system (like the Tri-Star). This option makes it ideal for outdoor use in colder climates that see high levels of precipitation. Each end is left open for access to the entire Envirohut.

Inside the Envirohut are two removable pedestal frames to raise equipment above the surface. Each Envirohut also has a 2” divider wall running across the middle of the system to compartmentalize minor spills.

Because the system is one piece, installation is fast and easy. Canopy erection takes only a few hours.

Because the Envirohut System is heavy-duty with a long life, sets up quickly, requires no excavation and is re-locatable, it is a fast cost-effective way to meet requirements for spill containment.

Key Envirohut System Benefits Versus Alternatives:

  • May be used on any solid substrate
  • No excavation needed
  • “Drop and use” installation
  • No routine maintenance with no cracking or gapping
  • Superior chemical resistance – even to high acid concentrations
  • Usable in cold or hot weather or wet environments
  • May be re-located as the needs change
  • Provides containment for a wide variety of equipment
  • Canopy secured to the system, not the substrate

Purpose: The ENVIROHUT is a super duty, rigid, collector system designed to contain incidental spills of hazardous or corrosive liquids.

Scope: This product specification covers materials, construction and workmanship, physical properties, chemical resistance and methods of testing.

Material: The ENVIROHUT is a fiberglass-encapsulated steel structure. Durable fiberglass laminations are bonded to a nominal 1/4” thick steel plate. Fiberglass offers great physical strength, excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility. Fiberglass mat and industrial grade isophthalic or vinyl ester resin as manufactured by Ashland Chemical or equivalent are used. A gel-coat surface resin of equal chemical resistance, with the additive antimony trioxide for flame retardance and U.V. protection is included. The flame spread rating is Class II. Tested by ASTM E-84.

Structure: The ENVIROHUT allows for pedestal frames to be set inside to hold equipment above the system floor. The ability of an ENVIROHUT to absorb high levels of static and dynamic loading provides positive assurance of spill containment. In addition, fiberglass provides the utmost in non-porous, protection against attack by a wide variety of industrial chemicals and liquid hydrocarbons.

Fiberglass reinforced construction is formed by combining resin with controlled amounts of fiberglass mat and woven roving. Polystar ensures that a corrosion barrier of not less that 30 mils as specified by industry standard PS 15-69 is provided to ensure consistency of product quality. The technical properties of a reinforced fiberglass laminate are:

Property at 73.4°F (23°C)

1/8” to 1/4” Thickness

Ultimate minimum tensile strength (PSI)


Flexural minimum strength (PSI)


Flexural minimum modules of elasticity (tangent, in PSI)


Operating Temperature: The maximum operating temperature for fiberglass is 200F with excursions through 225F.

Quality Assurance: Each ENVIROHUT is manufactured and tested according to industry standards PS 15-69 and 41-GP-22, Canadian and SPI/MTI Quality Assurance Report for FRP Corrosion Resistant Equipment.

Warranty: Each ENVIROHUT is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Repair or replacement is at the discretion of the manufacturer. Customer or third party damage is excluded from warranty coverage.

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