A Railcar Spill Prevention Success Story

Engineering a railcar spill containment system to meet EPA and SPCC regulations for 20,000 gallon rail tankers of jet fuel

Polystar’s Secondary Containment Solution of the Month: Railcar Spill Prevention

Railcar Secondary Containment Requirements

For this client, Polystar was given the task of implementing a railcar spill containment system that meets Federal EPA and California EPA SPCC regulations for four (4) 20,000 gallon rail tankers of jet fuel. The specification called for containment of up to 150% of a single fuel tanker (30,000 gallons), while providing for the safe release of rainwater.

Polystarā€™s Railroad Spill Prevention Solution

Our surface mountedĀ Star Track railcar spill prevention system was ideal for this requirement. Our Track Pans were installed in 20ā€™ lengths (10ā€™ wide) providing 2,200 square foot of catchment surface under the rail cars. Each 20ā€™ system incorporated our manifold system leading to a 6ā€ to 8ā€ diameter ā€œcollectionā€ system designed to direct captured fluids to a 216 cubic foot Clarifier. A passive shut off system was installed in the final stage of the clarifier, which will safely capture any hydrocarbons passing through the system and shut down the clarifier in the event of a large fuel spill. A 33,000g reservoir was positioned adjacent to the clarifier to receive excess rainwater in the event of a major storm or capture any large fuel spills. With the railcar spill containment installation we were able to meet all of the EPA/SPCC requirements as well as keep the disruption of the working track area to a minimum with only a five day installation period.


Want to learn more about Polystarā€™s railroad spill prevention systems? Check out more here, or contact us to discuss which of our systems is right for your facility.

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