The Poly Curb™: A Curb Containment System

Control spills from process equipment, drums or small tanks a low-walled spill containment curb.

The Poly Curb Secondary Spill Containment Curb

A Modular Fiberglass Curb Style Spill Containment System

The POLY CURB spill containment system – designed to control incidental spills, splashes and leaks – is another Polystar innovation that is destined to become an industry standard.

Polystar’s curb style spill containment system is available in both BOX and STEALTH models. The POLY CURB has many uses, including: containing spills from process equipment; containing drums or small tanks; interior perimeter containment for buildings; and work area segregation.


A Better Alternative to Concrete Curbs

Based on wall height, our curb style spill containment system is manufactured from various thicknesses of fiberglass with base width varying from approximately 9″ to 12″. POLY CURB sections come with drop-over joiners for easy, yet effective connection. Further, modular corners, wall adapters and other accessories are available to completely construct one of these spill containment systems.

BOX POLY CURB looks similar to traditional concrete curb, but installs faster and is corrosion and crack resistant. BOX curb is available in a 6″ height and 71″ length.

STEALTH POLY CURB has unique 45° angled side walls that reduce tripping potential, a safety feature that is especially valuable in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic. STEALTH POLY CURB is available in a 3″ height and 71″ length.

POLY CURB is easily installed, yet portable, as systems are typically sealed to a concrete floor with either gasket or caulk sealant and securely fastened in place with concrete fasteners.

POLY CURB for effective spill containment may be ordered either as a complete, custom-manufactured system for a particular application or as stock so that a spill containment system may be installed as the need arises at facilities.

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