Vehicle Containment Pads for Hazardous Liquids

Contain incidental spills of hazardous liquids and fuels with a heavy duty, drive-on collector system.

The Containment Pad™: For Fuel and Hazardous Liquids

The Containment Pad is a heavy duty, drive-on collector system designed for incidental fuel spill containment as well as containment for other hazardous materials. From containing accidental vehicle spills to generator spill containment, the Containment Pad system is a solid and useful fuel spill containment solution. Surface-mounted vehicle containment pads will not crack like concrete systems. The Containment Pad is designed to stand alone, but it can also be coupled with additional pads to form larger configurations for an entire secondary fuel and hazardous liquid containment system. When you need vehicle containment you can count on, look no further than the Polystar Containment Pad.

Hazardous Liquid and Fuel Spill Containment System Construction and Capabilities

Each of our steel vehicle containment pad units is encapsulated in corrosion resistant fiberglass that is constructed from a 1/4″ thick steel plate coated in a nominal 1/16″ fiberglass lamination. Also included is a gel coat surface resin of equal chemical resistance for U.V. protection.

“Low profile” Fuel and Hazardous Liquid Containment Pads offer a crack-free surface that provides containment for both large tanker trucks or low clearance passenger cars and fuel bowsers. Our Containment Pad side walls have a tri-linear design, formed from an angular, composite, steel-cored, heavy duty stealth shape that prevents damage when driven over by heavy vehicles. Our hazardous liquid and fuel spill containment system is the toughest secondary containment solution for truck spillage available today.

These systems are ideal for fuel, hazardous liquid, and truck containment, i.e. liquid terminals, transloading facilities, service stations, and fill stands where a wide variety of vehicles might use the system. Incidental spills and drips are safely captured when these pads are used under generators, hydraulic mules, or other pieces of messy equipment. Keep in mind that our fuel pad containment system is modular in all sizes!

Each of our vehicle Containment Pads is equipped with one or more threaded drain ports. These ports can be equipped with ball valves or passive shut off filters that allow rainwater to drain, but close the port if hydrocarbons are released. Floor drains may also be installed if desired.

Limited site preparation, no excavation, fast and clean installation, immediate use, non-porous design, superior chemical resistance and portability are only some of the many advantages of the Containment Pad by Polystar.

Polystar is proud to offer reliable truck and transloading containment solutions that help protect your business from damaging liquids and expensive fuel spills.

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