Camel Tri-Star Modular Secondary Containment FAQ

Camel Tri-Star Modular Secondary Containment FAQ

Q. In what sizes are the Camel Tri-Stars modular secondary containment systems available?
A. Polystar makes the Tri-Star 14’6” wide and any length in multiples of 20’. The walls can be either 6” or 8” high.

Q. What type of substrate should the Tri-Star modular secondary containment sit on?
A. The recommended substrate is concrete, but as long as the surface is flat and compacted the Tri-Star can be utilized. The substrate must be capable of supporting the system and its load without deflection.

Q. How long does it take to install a Camel Tri-Star modular secondary containment system?
A. A Tri-Star 14’6”x 40’ can be installed in less than a day. It is ready for use within 24-hours.

Q. How does the Tri-Star modular secondary containment system handle rainwater?
A. Depending on the hazardous material, the Tri-Star has an optional filter box available with peat filter to handle hydrocarbons. Any other chemical can be drained from the drain port to a waste water tank or sump area.

Q. What do you do about snow removal?
A. Snow can be handled with snow melt or a snow blower. You cannot use a steel bladed snow plow on the system.

Q. What if the volume of the vehicle being contained is greater than the volume of the Tri-Star?
A. Excess release can be drained to a sump (Poly Tub) or tank from existing drain ports. Another solution is to connect systems together to increase volumes.

Q. What is the expected life expectancy of a Tri-Star modular secondary containment system?
A. Polystar has been in business for 25 years and our systems have been in service for that long. We estimate a 30 year lifespan if not longer.

Q. What is the clearance required for entering the Tri-Star?
A. The wall of the Tri-Star stands either 6” or 8” high. Entrance and exit ramps are provided. A 7 ½” clearance is required for a 6” wall and a 9 ½” clearance is required for an 8” wall.

Q. How soon can I get a Tri-Star delivered?
A. Polystar prides itself on a quick turn around. Depending on the size of the order we can usually accommodate shipping in 30 working days. Please call for more time sensitive projects.

Q. Can I connect two Tri-Stars together to increase containment volume?
A. Yes. We have connected pads for several customers to increase the volume of containment.

Q. Why wouldn’t I use a concrete application instead?
A. Our Tri-Star modular secondary containment system doesn’t crack or become impregnated with hydrocarbons over time. Not only will it outlast concrete, but it is also able to be relocated. In most cases, we are less expensive and do not require any excavation.

Q. Will I compromise the wall integrity if we drive over the side walls?
A. No. The triangular design can tolerate a vehicle driving over the side walls without any damage.

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