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Secondary Tank Containment & Spill Prevention

Are you looking for reliable secondary tank containment systems? Polystar Incorporated provides spill prevention and secondary containment solutions that keep your company SPCC compliant and help prevent harmful and expensive spills. Polystar offers the following above ground tank containment systems products to make your job easier and assist you in complying with federal regulation:

More About Tank Secondary Containment from Polystar

Poly Dike™

POLY DIKE wall containment systems are used in place of concrete as secondary containment around storage tanks. POLY DIKE tank containment walls vary in height from 18" to 36" in 6" increments. Usually, a tank containment system is custom designed for each application, but sections and corners are made available for reserve. POLY DIKE may be used as a separate wall system, in conjunction with a fiberglass floor lamination, or with a fabric liner. Get more information about the Poly Dike tank containment systems.

Poly Tub™

POLY TUBS are portable secondary tank containment systems. All POLY TUBS are pre-manufactured because they are an integrated wall/floor system. This secondary tank containment system is easy to install and maintain. Upon delivery of the POLY-TUB, the customer simply sets it up on a solid substrate and places the tank(s) inside. Our secondary tank containment systems are typically used for tank farm, drum storage or work area spill containment.

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Envirohut is a non-porous, re-locatable tank containment system that maximizes corrosion protection and strength through the use of fiberglass composite materials. Each Envirohut System is manufactured from heavy-duty fiberglass laminations completely encapsulating a steel core. The steel core makes the Envirohut the most rugged and durable spill prevention and containment system available today. These tank containment systems are available with an optional 10' high mounted canopy.

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These tank containment products are made with our revolutionary composite plastic materials. Our unique resin system with structural fibers reduces corrosion, increasing strength and longevity. Additionally, our products are benefitted by less thermal transfer and expansion as well as less fatigue. Our tank secondary containment will help your company achieve SPCC compliance. We can engineer containment systems with the durability you need.

Our move to Stow, Ohio has given us the opportunity to dedicate more space to welding and fiberglass production. Additionally, we have doubled our space for manufacturing and production. As a result, we now have a larger capacity for client inventory. With increased efficiency of production, we engineer ideal above ground tank containment systems for various industry needs.

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Polystar proudly manufactures custom secondary spill containment products for containing hazardous materials such as biofuel, chemicals, ethanol, oil, gas, diesel fuel and petroleum, fertilizers and pesticides. Our quality products include fiberglass containment berms, truck containment fuel bladders, dike walls, pallets, curb-style and track collector pan systems for railcars. We help achieve SPCC compliance for gas and oil refineries, class one rail and railcar companies, general industry, well services, hydraulic fracking and drilling companies, military and government entities. We also have 17 years of experience providing quality above-ground storage tank secondary containment systems and spill prevention for tanks, fuel pads, liquid terminals, substations, pipeline delivery and mobile refuelers.